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Husband and wife relationship

Pastor EA Adeboye's message, what it should mean and the importance for women (my point of view)

Submitting to your husband does not mean you should be foolish. 

On Mrs Folu Adeboye's birthday, her husband pastor E. A Adeboye made a tweet about his wife's ability to recognise her husband as the head of the family, in the tweet he said 

She is a powerful woman, I know that. She has many people who take instructions from her, but as powerful as she is and even though she has seen me in my weakest moments, I have no doubt that I am her head. It does not matter what is on her itinerary if I say I would like you to go with me to so and so place the best she can do is try to convince me otherwise.

If I insist, she would cancel whatever she was to do and come along with me. The Bible in Ephesians 5:23 says: “For the husband is the head of the wife, even as Christ is the head of the church…”

The husband is the head of the wife. No matter how educated or successful you are, your husband is your head and you must regard him as such at all times. It is a terrible thing for a husband to feel his wife is his head. Many men are misbehaving in their marriages simply because they want to establish that they are the head of their wives. Also, my wife is my number one fan.

She wrote in the book Mathematics of Marriage – which we coauthored, that as my helpmate she knows she cannot help me without my instructions, so when they come, her response is Yes sir. Busy as she is, she still cooks my meals and serves me herself. Many young ladies these days leave everything to the house help.

My wife still trims my nails for me. There was a time when I was a teacher and was staying far from town. She had to cut my hair during that period. Anything I uphold, she upholds too. Can your husband rely on you?. Make up for your husband’s weaknesses, celebrate his successes, be his number one cheerleader.

I wish my lovely wife a Happy Birthday @PastorEAAdeboye. 

However, I differ on many feminists thought.

Firstly, a lot of women who believe they are equal to men go well beyond their boundaries. Even the whites who practice equal rights still bow and understand their men as the head. Lots of men want a lady with respect, when a woman cooks her husband's food, its called an act of respect to the man, no matter the number of housemaids the wife's food will be different from that of the maid. Show me a successful spinster and I will show you 100 couple's who are successful with one another's help. it is foolishness to delegate your duties in the kitchen to the maid as anything can go wrong, alot of marriages have been destroyed as a result of this. 

The wife according to The Bible is meant to support the man not to take his place, alot of single mother's out there are in that position majorly as a result of their belief of being equal to men. A woman is more powerful than the man as a result of many factors but most women fail to realize it. They want to take power by force and this doesn't bode well with most men and as a result, some men beat up their wives just to make them understand that the man is the head of the home. 

My mother and father's marriage is a case study, my mother is a woman who so much lifts my dads spirit. No matter how rich and powerful you are as a woman if you cannot have a successful marriage just because you want to be equal to your man in everything then you are a failure. When you are respectful, the man will naturally seek ur advice on issues concerning his life and business. He will even listen to your advice before anybody else's, he will love and cherish you as his better half.

All ladies must know that a woman who is loyal, has her husbands love, you can't be over ambitious and neglect your home, if you are, not only will your husband dislike you even your children will also do the same.

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