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Fiction: How a loaf of bread saved a man from hell

Over 80 per cent of humanity believes in paradise and hell, which makes everyone try to walk on the right path ,in order be among the paradise candidate .

But when we try to follow the right steps ,there comes temptation which only few people overcome.

Ismail Mohammed,is a devoted Muslim ,who observes his five daily prayer and engage in all other pillars of Islam.

He is also a devoted husband ,who never cheats ,not until he met his own temptation agent. He met a woman on a business trip ,whom he started mating with ,which is forbidden in his religion.

Ismail fornicated with the woman for 6 days ,the 7th day he realize he's been going against the will of Allah ,and immediately started praying for forgiveness and fasting .

He's been in the prayer for a week ,which had cause illness to his health, as he was praying ,a man gave him a loaf of bread to break ,but he looked at two people praying beside him and share the bread with them.

The following day he died, the cleric who organised his burial had a vision and said "Ismail six days fornication weighs down all his good deed ,which made him a candidate of hell, but the little offering he made through the loaf of bread ,weighs down his six days fornication which made him suitable for paradise".

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