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3 important things Bishop Oyedepo said about soul winning

Bishop David Oyedepo has come out to speak and tell Christians things they need to know about the ministry of soul winning. Soul winning is regarded as one of the important aspect of Christian life and other religions. It is the act of converting unbelievers and making them believe in what seem to be true.

However, the founder and senior Pastor of Living Faith Church Worldwide, Bishop David Oyedepo during his recent message at his church made some certain clarifications concerning soul winning and advised Christians to obey the Word of God and not living according to their own imaginations.

Preaching during the Covenant Hours of Prayers at the church headquarters, Bishop David Oyedepo said any Christian who want to be in God's payroll must engage in soul winning. He added that it is not a calling for some Christians but a responsibility to every believer.

In this article, we will look at three point that Bishop David Oyedepo spoke about concerning soul winning that Christians should think about on daily bases.

1. Soul Winning Is Not A Calling For Some But A Covenant Responsibility Of Every Believer:

The founder of Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo told his congregation that the ministry of the soul winning is not a calling for only Pastors but a responsibility for every Christian.

Reading from Mathew 16:26, Bishop Oyedepo claimed that "a soul is worth more than all the wealth of the world put together."

2. You Don’t Need To Have Any Vision To Be A Soul Winner.

Another important thing Bishop Oyedepo told Christians about soul winning is that they don't need to have vision to become a soul winner. Some people thought that they need to be Pastors or church founders and General Overseers of a Church before the could go into evangelism but Bishop Oyedepo said otherwise, noting that every believer have the responsibility to go out and win soul for the Lord.

3. Ministry of reconciliation:

Another important thing that was noted down during the teaching of Bishop Oyedepo during the Covenant Hours of Prayers was that Christians have the responsibility of reconciling sinners to God.

He emphasized that "we have a ministry of reconciliation as believers and we have the word of reconciliation to go with."

He admonished his congregation not to shy away from soul winning because there are numerous benefits attached to soul winning.

He admonished his congregation to take soul winning seriously if they want to experience supernatural increase.

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