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Learn Why Catholic Church Receive Communion Every Sunday, While Other Churches Receive Occasionally

Welcome to another great article of mine. In this very article, I shall be writing on why catholic church receive communion every Sunday, while other churches receive thei own communion occasionally.

Before I start, let me talk about catholic the church. It is worthy of note that catholic church is a world wide church. That is to say, it is located in various countries of the world.

The catholic church originated from Rome. It is also called Roman catholic church. The pope is the religious head of the catholic church. The pope run the affairs of the catholic church with other priest under him.

More so, catholic church is highly populated. It has a very large number of worshippers as her members. These worshippers attend catholic church on sundays and equally receive communion every sunday.

However, do you know that other churches do not receive communion every sunday like the catholic church. Other churches do receive their own communion on occasionally basis not every Sunday.

It is the doctrine of the catholic church to receive their communion every Sunday. This has been their tradition rigt from the creation of the catholic church.

Remember that when jesus christ had the last supper with his disciples at the upper room, during the blessing of the supper he said, "do this in memory of me". That is where the catholic church doctrine of receiving the communion came from.

### Above all, why catholic church receive communion every Sunday is because, they church believe that just as we eat food daily to remain physically strong and healthy in order to be able to go about our daily activities, the holy communion should be received every sunday as a spiritual food, to enable us remain strong in worshiping God spiritually.

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. Therefore, if we fail to receive the spiritual food ( communion) daily, it will be vewry hard for us as christians to do the spiritual work of God.

This doctrine of the Catholic church is called a dogmatic doctrine. That is to say, it is one of the doctrines of the catholic church which cannot be changed.

Communion on the catholic church is strictly for communication who are in the state of grace.

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