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5 Things You Should Ask God Before You Sleep At Night

There are some things you should ask God before you sleep at night, and this is because he (God) is your keeper and he neither sleeps nor climbers, and since the night is designed by God as a period for rest, renewal, and regeneration, asking those things will make him uphold you, preserve you, and take charge of the night for you.

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Given below are seven things you should ask God before you sleep at night.

1. Ask the Lord to preserve you from all evil. Since the night is a time that demonic powers operate against people, you ask God to preserve you according to his promise in Psalm 121:7 which says that God promised to preserve you from evil and also preserve your soul.

2. Ask the Lord to give you peace. According to Philippians 4:6, God's peace will keep your heart and mind. 

3. Ask the Lord to give you his blessing. According to Psalm 3:8, the blessing of God is upon his people. You should ask for God's blessing before you sleep at night.

4. Ask God to give you wisdom and understanding. Proverbs 4:7 says that you should get wisdom and you should likewise get understanding, and since God promised to do whatever you ask from him, you should ask by faith and you will receive them.

5. Ask God to give you a favour. According to Psalm 5:12, God will surround the righteous with favour as a shield. This means that God will give favour to the righteous person, and so you should ask for it by faith, and God will grant your request.

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