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Meet The Egyptian Demon That Causes Chaos, Trouble And Strife

Many people have been commenting on some post saying i haven't posted the Demon Behind the problem of the world or the Demon behind the problem of Nigeria.

Firstly the demons behind the problem are every single demon in the world because they carry different types of evil acts on the world but there is one demon who is specialized in causing chaos, strife and war.

Apopis also known as Apep, Apepi and Rerek is an Egyptain evil god who causes chaos, strife, war and many bad things but you might be suprised that i didn't mention a fallen Angel that's because according to the Lesser Key Of Solomon demons actually took the form of evil demons a long time ago.

The Egyptian demon of chaos, who had the form of a serpent and, as the foe of the sun god, Re, represented all that was outside the ordered cosmos. Although many serpents symbolized divinity and royalty, Apopis threatened the underworld and symbolized evil.

If you're familiar with Egyptian Mythology then you should know that there are two gods of chaos in Egypt who are Seth and Apopis but if they were to engage in a battle seth won't last 30 minutes due to the power that Apopis possessed.

The Egyptian ancient knowledge also makes us know that Apopis has a lifetime rival who is not just any god but Ra the sun god of Egypt who is believed to be the most strongest god in Egypt which means other gods can't really confront Apopis.

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