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If Abraham, Habakkuk And Other Prophets Questioned God In The Bible, Why Can't We In Our Time?

If there is one thing that's perfect in the world today, then that should be God's Word. His words are so perfect that everything will pass away but His words will remain the same. If His words are perfect, why did Abraham, Habakkuk, Job and other prophets question God in the past, but we can't in this present generation.

The biblical Father of All Nations, Abraham was among those who asked God questions. When God decided to wipe out Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham asked God, "will you sweep away the righteous with wicked?"

Abraham again questioned God when he was told his wife, Sarah will have a child of her own in her ninety, Gen 17:17. This is a man that is seen as "Father of all Faith" in Romans 4.

Another person in the Bible that asked a lot of questions was Habakkuk. He asked God how long will he continue to cry for help for the Lord to answer his prayers. He also asked God the reason why He tolerates wrong doings as seen in Habakkuk 1:2-3. The same goes to Job.

Today, it is a common knowledge not to question God irrespective of what happened. Why can't believers ask God questions just like in the past? Is there anything wrong with the Word of God today?

If we use the same Bible as our guide in this matter, than the answer seems to be a resounding yes because it is not that I don't trust what I read or hear but I don't trust necessarily whether or not I have heard and understood it properly. And I can boldly say, there's nothing wrong with the Bible, but I am still wondering why the common believe on not asking God questions.

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