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Beckon on the Lord tonight with these few prayer points of divine protection

It is the mandate of a true believer to always cry to God in fervent prayers.

Bible verse to read : 2 Thessalonians 5 verse 17

God truly knows we need his protection and guidance in our lives but he wouldn't do much if we don't ask him for the protection

Bible verse to read: Matthew 7 verse 7

Set up your mind to receive answers from God as you say these prayers 

1. I blessed your holy name for the opportunity to call you Lord of Lord and King and Kings.

2.Oh Lord God my refuge and strength, I call upon you as i sleep tonight for your protection in life.

3.Every evil camera and satellite focus against me tonight. I say Holy Ghost Fire!

4.I command every wind of sickness and afflictions to cease in the mighty name of Jesus.

5.As I sleep now I call for bands of angel to keep me company tonight.

6.Oh God my Saviour, save me from every satanic enchantment and spell.

7.I cancel every evil night mares and manipulated dreams from my vision tonight.

8.I plead for the blood of Jesus to wash and sanctify my body, spirit and soul, thank you Lord for it's done. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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Holy Ghost Fire Matthew Thessalonians


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