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Powerful Prayer Against Evil Eye Monitoring you.

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Evil Eye, are the eyes of the wicked one's. They used such eye in the spirit/physical realm to calculate and manipulate destiny, rendering the owner frustrated. Many people are not aware of such evil, there by care Notting about. Such eye can cause delay in marriage or even denial, infertility, financial struggle, sickness, addicted to bad habit, Etc. God dislike people using such satanic eye that why he encourage us in the book of Proverb 23:6 Eat thou not the bread of him that hath an Evil eye, neither desire thou his dainty meat.

Prowerful Prayer against such people.

1. I decree and declare that any evil eye monitoring my progress in life to be blind. in Jesus name

2. Any evil eye that calculate my progress, so he/she can do me harm, I command you die by fire. In the name of Jesus.

3. Any unrepented witch, that still monitor my progress for evil what are you still waiting for. Die in Jesus name.

4. Oh Lord arise and let my enemies scatter, in the name of Jesus.

5. Thank you Lord for our victory is assured. in Jesus name I pray.

Say Amen if believe our prayer is answered.

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