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The Single Department In The Church That Is Capable Of Driving Members Away

Churches need to be aware that a single mistake by a department in the church can drive members away. This is why the church needs to manage every department well, and make sure that they are up to standards.

As a first timer in a church, I may ignore the mistakes of the ushers, hoping that something else would make me stay. The sermon can be okay, the order of service, the prayer, and every aspect of the worship service. But if the music is bad, then the church may not see me again. Even if their ushers have done a good job in welcoming me in.

There is no one who does not love good music. A church choir is expected to be at their best at all times, a church choir is expected to perform far better than musical bands, and other music related groups outside the church. The choir should be a learning ground, a place that even the best want to join.

But once the choir is bad, you may never hear a new member say he or she wants to join. Wait, the probability of the person not joining the church itself is already ¹/¹. Some would come with the intent of joining the church but they would have to say they came visiting.

The choir of every church has to be worked upon! Even if it will cost the church some money, it is worth it. You can't manage a choir as a church. A faulty choir is like a faulty church. I put it to you that nobody wants to join a faulty church.

Many a times, it is not the fault of the choir that their music is bad. They can have the voice, the charisma, the zeal, and the skill, but once the engine, microphones, speakers, and other gadget are bad, it dampens the morale of the choir, of the church, and everything comes out bad. You can't actually blame this on the choir.

The church must be ready to spend, the stakeholders must be ready to spend, every member should be ready to spend. If it is the technical aspect that is bad, work on it. If it is the choir that needs urgent intervention, please, don't joke with it.

If you are planning to leave that church because of its bad music, it is not the right thing to do. Let the church know so that they can work on it. Introduce the change 

Content created and supplied by: Samtoyen (via Opera News )


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