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2 attributes that can make you not to grow in life.

Sometimes, we cause the problems we face in life. Instead of to alleviate our condition in life, we aggravate it due to lack of understanding about the principles of life. Obviously, there are certain attributes which can hinder us from growing in life. A lot of people know this message very well, yet they allow themselves to be overwhelmed by these negative attributes.

Of course we are humans and we are prone to mistakes, but there are certain lessons which we should not let life to teach us. Experience is a very good teacher, but it can be a very harsh one. However, allowing experience to teach you the negative sides of life means making yourself a reference for others to learn from, and that could be so exasperating.

What are these attributes which can make you not to grow in life?

1. Pride: obviously, pride goes before downfall as we all know that. Pride is a sin, and it is one of the sins God despise most. Blessing and growth in life come from God, therefore, how do you expect God to make you grow in life while you have the feature which HE despises so much? God knows the heart of every man and knows who really deserves HIS blessings. If you must grow in life, you must get rid of pride in your life. Humility is the attribute which God loves so much, and HE blesses the humble.

2. Selfishness: this feature is egregious. It has prevented so many people from making an inch growth in their life. Selfishness has some other attributes which are so destructive; attributes such as greed and envy. A selfish person is often greedy and envious, he wants to gain all the advantages and do not even care about others. And God despises people with these features. Greed and envy which are attributes of selfishness can lead you into doing diabolical things to achieve your frivolous aim and subsequent death.

Work on yourself, kill pride; kill selfishness and become a better person in life. May God bless you and make you grow in your business, career, and endeavours. Amen.

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