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Declare This Powerful Prayer Against Poverty In Your Life And Your In Family Today

We live in a world that is full of evils. These evil manifests in accidents, sickness, sudden death, debt, poverty, wounds, affliction and all sorts of bad things. We live in a world where sorrows surpasses joy, failure surpasses success sickness surpasses sound health, the poor Surpasses the rich, the ill -luck surpasses good-luck and also problems and sadness surpasses enjoyment and happiness, the achievers are few in the world that is highly populated. Every day the devil and his hosts roared like a lion seeking for whom to devour.

In this troublesome world, that Lord of Heaven has provided a way for His children worldwide. And this way is the way of prayers. Prayer is a major way by which God demonstrates His power in the life of His people, either in the Bible times or in this present time. No one has ever experience salvation, victory, peace, joy, deliverance, breakthrough and diverse miracles outside the experience of prayer. All achievers on earth are people of prayers.

The devil has no respect or regard for degrees in education, place of honour, or ecclesiastical positions and titles in the ministry or the church of God. What he fears is when he sees a child of God on his kneels in prayers. A prayer of faith in the name of Jesus Christ is a great weapon to conquer the devil, the world, the enemy and all the powers of the demons.

Here i will be sharing with you few prayer point:

Make sure you use these words of God to pray confronting household enemies. Matthew 10:36, Micah 7:6

Oh Lord reveal the secret of my parental household enemies that torment my life in Jesus name.

Oh Lord, set me free from inherited bondage in Jesus name.

All causes of poverty troubling my life be destroy by the blood of Jesus.

Oh Lord cut the chain of discomfort binding me in Jesus name.

All power that intend to wast my life be destroy in Jesus name.

All council making life difficult for me, be dissolved in Jesus name.

Every backward hand in my life in Jesus name dry off.

No matter how long or short a prayer maybe, just have faith and God will give you joy of victory, testimony of victory and you will forget all the war of your life in Jesus name.

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