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7 Things You Don't Know Are Destroying Your Prayer Life

It is much expected we develop an intimate prayer life with God that is fruitful and vibrant. We should see prayer as a priority because the Bible commands us to pray without ceasing. Unfortunately, some people are unable to pray again despite once having a lively prayer life owing to a variety of causes. Here are seven things you may not be aware of that are sabotaging your prayer life:

1. Excessive Consumption of Food:

Excessive eating late at night will only weaken your body. You will be dizzy, which will keep you from doing everything you want for the Lord. It's slowly killing your prayer life since you can't pray like you used to.

2. Sleep:

You must teach your body to sleep less and stay awake for longer periods of time. Sleep depletes your ability to pray. The truth is that some sleep is a form of assault. When you wish to pray, the Devil will tell you that you need to relax and warn you about the perils of not getting enough sleep. Sleep deprivation causes some people to be unable to complete their quiet time.

3. Filthiness Of The Spirit And Soul:

Pornography, sex conversation, and dirty ideas zap prayer endurance. Feeding your spirit man filthy and sexual things would always defeat your inner man. What you see has an impact on what you think, so be careful what you see.

4. Negative Atmosphere:

The environment you create and find yourself in is really important. Your prayer fire will die if you're surrounded by prayer slackers, gossipers, and carnal believers. You'd be irritated by gossip and backbiting. When you see that your surroundings is affecting your prayer life, try to change it if at all possible.

5. Inadequate nourishment of your inner man:

You can't be a prayer champion if your spirit man isn't well fed. If you don't listen to sermons, seldom study the Bible, or read Christian articles, your prayer life will suffer.

6. Worry:

When you're meant to be praying, you're worrying about something else, therefore no worrier becomes a prayer warrior. It greatly distracts you and has a negative impact on your prayer practice. As a result, you must destroy your anxieties in order to resurrect your prayer stamina.

7. Distraction via television, social media addiction, and boyfriend or girlfriend syndrome. There are a variety of other difficulties that could jeopardize your prayer habit. There is a time for everything, and if you can't figure out when to pray, your prayer life will suffer.

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