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One place that acts as an enemy of life which hinders the successes of men.

Success has been made available to all mankind by God, but any man who wants to be successful in life has many things to do and places to avoid as well in order to accumulate wealth and attain to success.

There are many places that act as enemies of life, which destroy the destinies of men and hinders the successes of men too. Hence, such places should be avoided at all cost.

There are many people who earns much money but ends up spending such money in an unwise manner because of the kind of places they find themselves in. These men might even end up spending their capital in such places and will be left with nothing to purchase more goods later on.

One of such places to be avoided includes:

1. Gambling houses: Not every man ends up becoming a lucky winner in a gambling house. Because the majority of people that fall into victims of losses are enormous than the lucky winners of such game. The game in a gambling house is mostly that of "rubbing Peter to pay Paul" kind of act. A man who wants to be successful in life does not always venture into such places, because the hope of winning in a game can keep a man busy doing nothing until the dawn of each day. Hence a gambling house can easily mar a man by making him lazy.

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