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Christians And Muslims, Check Out This Question About Heaven

It's a question that's been bothering me for a number of years, and I know it's the same for you. As we know, Christians and Muslims are the primary religious practices in Nigeria. These two religions, carried has 80% of worshipers of Nigeria population. They have contributed positively to the development and growth of the nation. There are many Muslims who dedicate themselves to their religion, which also applies to Christians. My question, however, is: Will Muslims and Christians go to the same paradise? Will the two worshippers go to the same heaven with their faith? Or there is a different place (heaven) each are heading to.

They both preach on heaven, the fire of hell, God and Satan in an almost identical manner. We ought to know that Muslims are not responsible for the bad things that are happening in Nigeria today. These Boko Harams are just bandits who take the Muslim religion into an erroneous dimension. It is my belief that the Muslim is a peaceful religion.

As a Christian, the necessary criterion for heaven is to believe in Jesus as your personal Lord and Saviour and that he is coming again. And for the Moslem if you observed you 5 prayers every day and you believe there is only one God which is Allah, you will make paradise.

The Moslem belief that Jesus is not a God, he is only a servant and died for nobody. However, the Holy Bible has revealed to us that those who believe in Christ will make heaven. Therefore that's where my question came in. These religions are wonderful in their teaching because they have taken on a positive role in developing a child's character. But if they have any contradiction of who God is, what and where will then be their paradise. Will they remain in one paradise and live together until eternity? Or how shall they end? 

With the information above, what do you think? I will be pleased if there can be a concrete answer to the above question "WILL MUSLIMS AND CHRISTIANS GO TO THE SAME HEAVEN?"

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