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"Daily Devotional by Dr D. k Olukoya", How To Become Great In The Kingdom Of God (II).

The second key to becoming great in the kingdom of God is to have a servant's heart. Jesus exemplified this when he washed His disciples feet. A servant heart is the genuine and right disposition or attitude to serve God and others without reservation. Jesus Christ had a servant heart and a shepherd heart also. In God's kingdom, if you want to become great you must be willing to serve God and others.

Jesus said you will have to humble yourself and serve because the way to the top is down and if anyone desires to be the first, he shall be the last of all and servant of all (Mark 9:35).

The concept of lowering oneself to serve others in order to become great is diametrically opposed to the worlds concept of greatness: winning at all cost. Jesus used the word, diakonos, which is translated as servant or minister. The English word for deacon comes from this word. But are suprised? We are in the world but not of the world! The word which the apostles Paul uses for servants is another extraordinary word, huperetes, which means "under-rower". The apostles analogy is in reference to ancient warships that were propelled by muscular men chained to their oars. It is not like the upper deck, wind-swept, sunlight and fragrant with ocean breeze. Those below deck typify servants, men and women who are unseen, without applause and who are dying to self. The real power of the boat is found below deck.

Although Jesus is clearly greater than the apostles, his behavior during his earthly ministry was one of serving them (John 13:3-17, Philippines 2:6-11). Beloved, the message is very clear: anyone who would follow Jesus and be grateful in the kingdom of God should be the servant of all. Jesus once said, As you have seen me do, go and do likewise also". Resolve to be an imitator of Christ today. It pays!.

Motivational quotes : we serve God by serving others.

Message From daily Devotional by Dr D. K Olukoya.

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