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You Must Make It In April - Say These 20 Powerful Prayers That Will Send Helpers To You This Month

1. The eyes of the Lord shall not depart from me everywhere I go this new month.

2. I appear as light whenever I go this week and darkness shall have no place around me. Amen.

3. Beyond my thoughts, my God will guide me in His will this month. Amen.

4. Beyond my strategies, the Lord shall be my ticket to success this month and forever, in Jesus name.

5. I will be an oracle of God everywhere I go this month, even forever. Amen. Happy new month to me.

6. The lines shall fall in pleasant places for me this month, and I will have a good heritage. Amen.

7. Like never before, everything I lay my hands on this month shall prosper in Jesus name. Amen.

8. Starting from this month, I’m on my way to a better day in all that concerns me. Amen.

9. This month, the Lord shall be the strength of my heart and my portion forever… Amen.

10. By God’s grace, I shall be the centre of attraction for opportunities this month. Amen.

Wait… You’re not okay with just 10 new month prayers for yourself? If so, see some more 20 Happy New Month Prayers for myself (Short and Long Ones).

No matter who you would want to send some Happy New Month Prayers to, the ones below will be perfect.

11. You won’t cease being the best for people around you this month and forever. Happy new month to you.

12. This month, and beyond, may you be the definition of God’s grace. Amen.

13. As you start this month, success shall be yours in all your endeavors. Happy new month, dear.

14. Your life shall not lack grace and mercy, this new month. Happy new month to you and yours.

15. You shall enjoy favour every where you turn to this month and throughout this year.

16. You shall greatly increase on every side this month. Happy new month to you.

17. All through this month, I pray you shall experience peace, prosperity, and visible progress on every side. Happy new month to you and yours.

18. Every step you take this month shall lead you to unspeakable testimonies, in Jesus name. Happy new month.

19. Like never before, your efforts shall attract envious results, even as you start this new month. Amen.

20. As we watch the day unfolds and nobody is able to stop it, so shall your hopes, dreams and aspirations be unstoppable this month and beyond. Happy new month to you.

Say These prayers By 12am And watch out For Results

1). Every power assigned against my day of glory, die in the name of Jesus.

2). Arrows from the grave fired at my glory, backfire in the name of Jesus.

3). Glory swallowers of my father's house, vomit my glory in the name of Jesus.

4). Every power troubling my glory, the king of glory shall trouble you today in the name of Jesus.

5). Glory of my family line, swallowed by iniquity i recover you in the name of Jesus.

6). My glory in the camp of the enemy, come out by fire in the name of Jesus.

7). Strange seepents assigned to stop me, i stop you before you stop me in the name of Jesus.

8). Evil instructions issued against me from the coven backfire in the name of Jesus.

9). Powers using evil birds to slow down my destiny, die in the name of Jesus.

10). Thank you lord for i know i am walking in victory for in Jesus mighty name i've prayed.


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