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Misconceptions Devoted Muslims Should Avoid In The Remaining Days Of Ramadan Fasting And Prayer

These underlisted misconceptions should be avoided by devoted Muslims in the remaining days of fasting and prayer.

1. Focusing so much on food to the level of worrying about eating more than fasting.

2. Making suhoor much before Fajr prayer. Many eat suhoor a few hours after Tarawih or Isha prayers, this is not right.

3. Some don't make niyyah (intentions) to fast for Ramadan. It should be at heart and not verbal.

4. If you find out late that Ramadan started, stop eating and fast for that day. Then, make it up after Ramadan.

5. When you eat accidentally, it is believed you have to break your fast. This is not true.

6. Most lades believe that cannot use henna while fasting. This is incorrect.

7. Many people believe that you cannot taste your food for flavors while cooking during fasting. This is false. As long as you are not eating the food.

8. Many believe you cannot use a miswak or toothbrush during Ramadan. This is not true.

9. Some Muslims make Fajr Adhan early. This is wrong and must avoid it.

10. People believe you cannot make love to your spouse. It is not true. You can do it between Maghrib and Fajr.

This article is liable to update. Thanks as you avoid all the misconceptions used in this article.

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