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Start Your Day With These Prayers For Divine Comfort From God

Our eternal Father and Comforter, we bless your wonderful name, may your name be glorified forever. This morning I command that the Lord will release comfort and peace to your descendants from all sides. A dynamic door of great comfort will open for your family today. On your shaky and hopeless business, the great comforter will bring comfort and change upon your business. He shall establish your business and you shall experience dynamic success and progress in the name of Jesus Christ. Over your marriage, every trouble and challenge facing and struggling with your peace and progress in your marriage will turn into a testimony. Every power assigned to frustrate and upset your marriage, be crushed by fire in the name of Jesus. God will comfort your children academically, Almighty God will make them comfortable in knowledge and wisdom. They shall excel and be successful in all their endeavors in Jesus name. Whatever may be the bitterness and sorrow in your heart this morning, I command Almighty God to turn them into great testimony of joy and happiness in Jesus name. Every origin and source of bitterness and sorrow of your offspring will be consumed by fire. The Lord shall plant and establish your home in success and achievement, in the name of Jesus. Whatever trouble the enemies have arranged to fire in your home and business, it will be crushed by fire. Every agent of wickedness set against your comfort and success will be put to an end by fire. The angels of comfort will surround your lineage and business and give you all-round comfort. When you go out today, Jehovah will fulfill all your wishes. Anyone you will come in contact with today, shall go out of their way to help and support your generation, in the name of Jesus. Every impossibility of your offspring shall be made possible by the fire of Jesus name. You're going out today will lead your home to great success and victory. Every trace of backwardness and failure on your household will be wiped out with fire. Today you shall achieve tremendous success and progress in Jesus name. May the wonderful working power of God visit your situation and circumstances with amazing miracles in the name of Jesus. Your destiny will attract divine blessings and miracles today and beyond in Jesus name. You shall come back today with wonderful testimony in Jesus name.

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