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10 Prayer Points Against Family Altars, Poverty, And Premature Death

Ten prayer points against family alters, poverty, Family pattern and premature Death

There are families that are suffering, nothing ever works for them. There's something wrong with this type of family, it's either an altar is speaking or a foundation is speaking. Before we begin this prayer you need to know the difference between an altar and a foundation. An altar is a place where idle worship or worship of God is done however a foundation is a covenant of old, a promise made to gods concerning a particular family. There's no doubt that in Africa most of our ancestors did idle worship meaning they layed wrong altars for us and in the process promised their deities things their generation will do for them.

This is why most families are suffering and others are in abject poverty, this can also lead to reoccurring premature Death. Jesus said "if the foundation be destroyed what will the righteous do?

Here are some prayer points if you are experiencing any of the above;

Begin to thank God for everything he has done in your life and family, praise him, worship his holy name.

Prayer point No. 1

Father reveal every satanic altar standing against my family and I, in Jesus name.


Prayer point No. 2

My father, my father I destroyed that evil altar that had be revealed, I destroy it by the fire of the holy ghost In Jesus name.

Prayer point No. 3

Father I disconnect myself from every evil altar operating in my family, I disconnect my family and I, in Jesus name.

Prayer point No. 4

Lord whatever my ancestors has spoken to any deity or idle that is affecting my family negatively I cancel those words Ian Jesus name.

Prayer point No. 5

I destroy every generational curse caused by that evil altar in Jesus name.

Prayer Point No. 6

Every deity from the sea, mountain, valley, stream, River, hills, claiming my family and I, I disconnect my family and I from it right now, and I band that deity in Jesus name.

Prayer point No. 7

Father whatever form of poverty lurking in my family is terminated right now in Jesus name.

Prayer point No. 8

Whosoever that is using an ancient alter against my life, against my family to cause poverty, i separate my family from that altar and I pray let that person be put to shame in Jesus name

Prayer point No. 9

I destroy every spirit of premature dead in my family, and I command the angel of longlife and prosperity to seat upon my family in Jesus mighty name.

Prayer point No. 10

I command a new alter into my family, I pray that all the promised of God concerning my family shall come to pass in Jesus name.

After the prayer begin to lift up your voice and praise God, exalt his name. Magnify him for answering your prayers. Let his name alone be praised. Sing songs of praise to him.

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