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Kumuyi Speaks On Fate Of Israel During The Great Tribulation

According to Kumuyi:

"The Bible shows that...Satan will persecute lsrael during the great tribulation...The great tribulation is described in scripture as a time of trouble.(Daniel 12:1)".

"Satan....will come against lsrael with great wrath...His fury will come in three waves of attack as revealed in Revelation 12:13,15,17.

"Satan's wrath and fury will be on the whole world (Revelation 12:12) but he will eventually concentrate on lsrael,persecuting and pursuing them with the forces of Anti-Christ".lt will flee".(Matthew 24:15-22)."

"As the lsraelites flee"from the face of the serpent (Satan),the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood" to cause the people to be carried away of the flood"(Revelation 12:15)."

"The flood of water is symbolic-an emblem of great, mighty armies-a vast army of the Anti-Christ mighty and powerful enough to overthrow, swallow up or destroy the nation"

"As many of them escape,the dragon becomes more angry and he goes after"the remnant" in a third wave of attack to make war with those who "keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ".

"The Anti Christ is the great final tyrant that will rise and ride,rule and reign all over the world in the authority and power of the Devil,at the time of the great tribulation".

"The purpose of the great tribulation is to make lsrael suffer so they can be ready to cry to the Messiah (the Lord Jesus Christ whom they,at present,reject) to come back to is also to judge the unbelieving men and women of all ages(Zechariah 12:10,11;13:1-9;14:12-13).

"The children of lsrael have suffered a lot.They suffered in Egypt.ln fact,the Bible calls it"iron furnace".Not only that,if you read in the Judges,they suffered very much from the Midianites, from the Amalekites among others.They suffered under Nebuchadnezzar,who brought his army on the land of lsrael.And the people suffered terribly... When they eventually they got to Babylon as captives they suffered a lot.."

"And in the modern world, when Adolf Hitler felt it was a crime to be a Jew, and the hatred against the Jews was so strong, again they suffered in a way nobody can describe...since the time they said crucify him.Let his blood come upon us and upon our children (Matthew 27:23-25).That,in fact, started a series of terrible events in their lives."

"Yet the Lord says, the suffering that is to come at the tribulation(upon the Jews)has no comparison.He says,it has never been,nor ever shall be".

"And because of the globalization of the antisemetist vent or hatred by many nations for the Jews in those days,(during the period of tribulation) the Jews themselves shall be looking for somebody that would give them peace.They will be looking for people to link with, have some transactions with to have a breathing space.Anti Christ would have cut a covenant with the children of lsrael".

"Thus eventually,the Anti-Christ by cunning method,by flattery,will promise them peace,to fight their battles, and thereby lure them into a covenant.But in the middle of the period he would break that covenant with them, and that would be terrible for the children of lsrael"

"Satan will make his last and most violent effort to destroy that nation...You'd see that when that tribulation time comes upon them, two out of every three lsraelites would die;66 percent will die!Only one third will be able to is going to be a very terrible time"

"Not all the lsraelites,as l have told you,but those that shall be found written in the book shall be saved...So then, when the Scripture says lsrael shall be saved,in that time of the great tribulation,two thirds will perish,only one third will be saved"

"They(the Jews) would have to call on the name of the Lord.They will turn this way,but find no relief; turn here without respite.They will turn there,but without peace.They will turn everywhere but be unable to find any relief at all.Therefore they will say unto the Lord,"O Lord, when are you going to be our God? He will pour His Spirit of supplication,of Prayer upon them.And the Lord in mercy will look to them"

"God has a covenant relationship with lsrael;so He will protect and preserve His people in and through the fury and wrath of Satan during the great tribulation"

"Satan will make his last and most violent effort to destroy that nation but he will not succeed because God will protect His chosen people.There will be salvation, deliverance and preservation for lsrael"

"God will miraculously aid lsrael to escape from the Anti Christ to a place of safety...He will help them to escape on the wings of an eagle-taking a flight to safety. Miraculously God will make a way for them to escape the fury and wrath of the devil "into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and three score days"."lnto the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time,times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent"(Revelation 12:6,14)"

"The same God who fed them in the wilderness for forty years will feed them for three and half years during this terrible period".

"As God's people flee, Satan pursues with a flood of mighty, overwhelming armies and God opens up the earth to swallow up the flood. The mighty host of the Anti-Christ's army is swallowed up as in Numbers 16:30-33. The whole army is plunged into the earth suddenly as great earthquakes split the ground during the great tribulation (Revelation 6:12-14;11:13;16:18-20).

Thanks for reading this piece.

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