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What you need to know about Pride

I was taught in Church today (Sunday, 19th September, 2021) about the dangers of pride. Pride is a character that can destroy once destiny in life. Lucifer, the one we usually call the devil, once had a good life above. But he jeopardized it with his arrogance (Isaiah 14:12-15).

One of the major reasons why the world is decayed and corrupt is because of the presence of pride and hate. There are some people who always want their opinions to stand. They do not care about what others have to offer.

I have been in groups where I saw that my opinion didn’t count. I was counted as one who couldn’t contribute something tangible by some of them. It was very bad. I never enjoyed my stay in such associations.

I have had times when I refused to utter any word in some places. It wasn’t because I had nothing to say, but it was all in the bid not to hurt someone else’s morale. I just care to see positivity around me. A Philosopher said, “Fools talk because they want to say something, but wise ones talk because they have something to say”.

I do not like to be in environments where they believe that there is only one way to do certain things. There should be various ways to kill a bird. If you know one way, then learn how to do it in other ways. Do not claim god over affairs that even others can put in their contributions.

Most people have weak characters due to their pride. The situation brings out their exaggerated importance and worship of self. It could end up destroying them and disconnecting them from God.

Pride is just like a disease and it can be cured. A simple cure to it is realization. This has to do with when one realizes his nothingness and need to learn more. Communion with God is also needed to flush out the problem.

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