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" You Want To Be Great? Conquer These 3 Fears" - Apostle Joshua Selman

" I shared with you some time ago. Let me use This to wrap up this session. There are three fears you must conquer in life to be great. "

" Number one is the fear of the past. Our past hunt us. You were an arm robber in the past so what? The bible says therefore if a man be in Christ he is a new creation. Religion can hunt your past. We were all kinds of things in the past. Some of you know what am talking about. You know what you were in the past and anytime God wants to lift you, the voice of your past holds you back. It is a fear you must conquer"

" The second fear,is the fear that comes with ignorance. You will never be confident until you are competent. Are you listening to me? Incompetent brings fear and you are always afraid if you do not know. The antidote to that is not prayer and fasting but knowledge. Get knowledge, get understanding. "

" The last one which is the biggest one is the fear of the opinion of others about you. No matter how nice you try to become, men will have their interpretation about you. The most important thing is what God is saying about you. You must have this, otherwise one day, somebody will look at your child and say can you imagine he is a man of God, how can a child be wearing red socks and you go back and cry and say I thought I like red socks. "

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Joshua Selman


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