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Are you still Awake?. Say these POWERFUL night Prayers for Total defeat of STUBBORN Enemies.

Are you still awake??

Then you are in for something spectacular and remarkable tonight. These POWERFUL prayer points is right for you. God has a plan and purpose for your life, that is why you're still awake till now. It is very important you call upon heaven at night, before you sleep or better still you stay awake and pray.

Why so? The devil and his demonic agents are never tired, they are always fighting and wanting to see your downfall, especially the night time is when they go into different meeting ranging from the witches and wizards to demonic powers. They take important decision that may likely affect your life, you destiny and that of your loved ones.

As a Christian, prayer remains the greatest weapon to destroy all the evil plans of the wicked concerning our lives.

As you proclaim these POWERFUL prayers in you life, don't doubt or joke over them. Believe with all heart and watch all your enemies defeated and put to shame.

1. Oh my God, every evil conspiracy against the life of your children tonight, every gathering of witches and wizards from the pit of hell. Let thunder and earthquake from above destroy them without remedy in the mighty name of Jesus. The word of God says they surely gather but not by you. And whosever will gather against you shall surely fall and will never rise again.

2. Every demonic monitoring mirror and agents against your life. Monitoring and tracking down your progress, your destiny, your favor, your good tidings. let the fire of Holy Ghost burn them down with out remedy in the mighty name of Jesus.

3. Anywhere the witches and wizards, occultic powers, mermaid spirit have tied down your belongings, your blessings. Making you to toil in vain, making you to beg and borrow, living from hand to mouth. That cage, that padlock, that Calabash, is broken loose in the most powerful Name of Jesus.

4. Every spirit of Bad luck, bad news, bad dreams. That is giving you sleepless night, always putting fear in you. Sometimes you feel like committing Suicide. Such experience is destroyed in your life. You will never experience it again. All those Egyptians you saw in the pass by faith you will see them no more in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

5. You are covered by the blood of Jesus. You loved ones, your children, your wife, your husband is covered by the Blood of Jesus. Your enemies will see you and flee. You Testimony is covered by the blood of Jesus. Your prayers are covered by the blood of Jesus. As you step out the mark of the blood of Jesus is on your forehead. In the mighty Name of Jesus.

If you believe all those STUBBORN Enemies in your life is defeated, and your in for unstoppable Testimonies. Lay you hands on your forehead and say a Loud AMEN. Seal it with AMEN In the comments section.

Share these POWERFUL prayers immediately and put the devil to shame.

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