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Two Qualities That Devil Hates In The Life Of A True Christian

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Devil hates these two quantities in the life of every born again Christian.

1. Life of Holiness.

2. Prayerful Life.

Life of Holiness : Devil also known as Satan hates life of holiness in a child of God, to live a life of holiness is to be freed from sin, when one ceased to commit sin again, Satan will not have anything to hold against one, he will not be able to hold one into ransom, find any fault upon which he can operate, unless God allows him (Satan), he will not be able to inflict pain, affliction and problem on one, Job, the righteous and faithful man was a good example. God's protection was upon him, to the extent that Satan was unable to touch him until God permitted it, in other to test Job.

Therefore, when one is living a holy life, one is doing a good thing to oneself. Living a life of holiness will enhance you God's divine protection, mercy, grace and favour.

The second quality that Devil hates in the life of a child of God is prayerful life. God is the source and destination of prayer, therefore, anyone that is prayerful, that is, who prays in truth and holiness, Satan hates such one because, the power of prayers do render Satan powerless, no wonder, Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour started His ministry on this earth with prayers, during his ministrations He found time to pray and when He was about to sacrifice His life for the sin of mankinds, He prayed in the garden of Gethsemane.

Therefore, prayer is the key that can unlock the door of God's blessings and at same time, lock the door of affliction of the devil. He hates effectual fervent prayer of the righteous.

When a Christian possesses the two qualities above, Satan will keep distance from such Christian, he (Satan) therefore, harbours great hatred against such Christian because his evil work against such Christian is rendered powerless.

May God help us to posses these two and many other godly qualities in our lives, in the name of Jesus Christ.

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