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10 Things You Must Do in The Last 10 Days of Ramadan

The last 10 days of Ramadan are here and it is regarded as temhe best days of Ramadan. It is known that within these days lies the "Night of Power" where it is believed that all prayers will be answered.

The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, used to strive hard (in worship) during the last ten days of Ramadan in a way that he did not strive at any other times (Muslim).

Here are 10 things we can do in Ramadan’s last ten blessed days.

1. Pay Zakat

You must plan to pay this obligatory pillar of Islam yearly at some point in Ramadan, to benefit from the greater spiritual reward attached to charity during the month. If you haven’t already, do so this month, especially when the world is suffering from COVID'19 and your next door neighbor might be starving. There is a good place to put your Zakat.

2. Pay Zakat al-Fitr

Zakat al-Fitr allows needy families to enjoy the Eid celebration so they can also have a sense of happiness after fasting for 30 days. You can give this to your local mosque or organisation you believe would benefit from it.

3. Up your giving

With the situation in town, you might be tempted not to increase your givings at all but rember that all we have is from Allah's riches and give with sincerity from what you have so Allah might reward you in folds.

4. Attend Tarawih more than you have all month

Because of the lockdown and ban on public gatherings, it is normal if you haven't been able to attend tarawih but if your local mosque practice social distancing and does not violate Government rules, try and increase your attendance at tarawih.

To be able to stay awake for Tarawih, try your best to take a short nap after coming home from work or during your lunch hour. Also, try not to overeat during Iftar, making it more likely you will be sluggish and sleepy come Tarawih time.

5. Connect to Laylatul Qadr with more Quran reading

This is the night that is described as better than a thousand months (Quran 97:3), and it is the one on which the Quran’s revelation began. This night is expected to happen in one of the odd days in the last ten days of Ramadan. It is important that as Muslims, we increase our Qur'an reading in the last ten days so we can be among the fortunate ones who will benefit from Laylatul Quadri.

6. Call your relatives to make Eid plans

Islam puts a premium on maintaining family ties. If you haven’t been able to keep in touch with relatives, use these last 10 days to call or shoot them an email or text about getting together for Eid-al-Fitr.

7. Shop and give

As you shop for Eid or back to school items for yourself or your kids, pick up a few extra clothes or supplies and drop them off at various sites collecting these things for those in need.

8. Make your last fasts really count

Ramadan as we know isn't only by avoiding food and drinks. It encompasses leaving things like bad jokes, abusive words and other worldly things that could diminish the quality of our fast. It is important to desist from act like these on the last ten days.

9. Set your alarm for Tahajjud

It’s hard getting up for Suhoor, so why make the effort for Tahajjud? This blessed time is one in which Allah is very close, answering prayers and offering forgiveness, in particular (Bukhari). Multiply that by the fact that it’s Ramadan and you’ve got an exceptional opportunity to really connect with God and ask for all that you need or want.

10. Dua, Dua, Dua

The last days of Ramadan are good for prayers especially for forgiveness of sins and to request big favours from Allah. Remember, nothing is to big to ask as He is the one who knows and does all things. Make requests in both short and long term and be rest assured that the Almighty will answer your supplications.

May Almighty Allah accept it as an act of Ibadah.

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