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Why The Yorubas Are More Religious Tolerant Than Igbo And Hausa Ethnic Groups(Opinion).

The Yorubas are the most tolerant ethnic group in Nigeria, when it has to do with religion. A Yoruba Christian doesn't have any problem marrying a Muslim, Traditionalist or an Atheist, vise versa. A Yoruba Christian can go to native doctors (babalawo) if the need arose and vice versa. A Yoruba Muslim will gladly marry a Christian and vice versa. The yorubas(Western Nigeria) was home to CMS largest activities for over 100 years yet, it is mostly in the Igboland( Eastern Nigeria) NOT in West that people set shrines on fire!.

Yorubas are religion/spirituality smart and this is a fact. Take a look around Nigeria and Africa as a whole, they own the top 5 most successful religious businesses in Africa and maybe own 5 of the top ten religious businesses on earth, but in most part of Hausa and Igboland, marrying outside your religion is like a death sentence. A Yoruba Muslim will gladly allow his/her spouse to practice his or her religion, without any form of interference, and most of them don't even care whether you are religious or not.

But the Hausas and Igbo are the most religious fundamentalist in Nigeria. If you are not convinced whether the Igbos are religious fundamentalist, just tell your parents, siblings, relatives and friends, of Igbo extraction, that you are now an Atheist or a traditonalist, then sit back and watch as their love for you will slowly ward off. They yorubas simply understand spirituality far more than any other black African ethnic group.

But why do we like judging people from the religious perspective, instead of the contents of one's character?

Content created and supplied by: Chinasaramokwu (via Opera News )

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