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TUESDAY PRAYERS: Declare These Prayers To Receive God's Supernatural Upliftment For Today

In Matthew 6:26, we received insight on how His eye is upon the small sparrow, and upon us humans. God loves us and care about our affairs, and we can only call out our awareness of this love by praying.

Say this powerful monday morning prayer to request for God's protection, peace, blessings and guidance through the today Monday.

Holy Spirit, we want to thank You for this day, Monday. Lord, we are aware that although the world is troubled and chaotic, You indeed still see us as your children and care for us.

Lord, As we live through today, we ask passionately for more of Your Holy Spirit to come into our lives. Lord, it can be very easy for humans to become afraid and scared of the things that are around us in life, but we are filled with the awareness that your sharp and loving eyes is fixed on us just as it is fixed upon the smallest sparrow. Father we know that you love and care for us.

Lord, we say thank You for the assurance of truth given to us through Your holy scriptures (word) . Lord, today we offer and present ourselves at Your holy throne as we cast all our fear, cares, and worries. We appreciate and thank You in advance because we know that You will not just provide peace and safety from these turbulences, but that you are indeed working everything out for our good.

In our existence through each day, teach us to become more dependent on your principles, words and on You. Expose and uplift us into a higher form of discernment of your principles, so that we will receive deeper knowledge and understanding and be able to comprehend spiritual things. Lord, today we ask that you give us the eyes to be able to see your presence and handwork in each of our affairs.

Thank you Jesus, thank you Holy Spirit, Thank you Lord. Amen

If you have said this prayer, note that God is with you always. He really loves and cares for you. So when you go out today, go with his presence. Visualize him standing besides you always, and keep a happy mood while in your daily routine. Shame the devil. Your Tuesday is blessed! Amen!

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