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6 Ungodly spirits that can ruin someone and how to get rid of them

Many ungodly spirit has restricted many people from getting what God has planned for them, these ungodly spirit seems to come like a natural thing put can also be gotten rid of.

These are the 3 ungodly spirits that can ruin someone's life.

1) Spirit of anger

Spirit of anger has destroyed many people from succeeding in life, anger is natural but it can also ruin someone's life, and it can also be gotten rid of using prayer.

2) Spirit of lateness

This spirit has made made many people loose opportunity in life, especially people with appointment, and they will loose the appointment because of coming late.

3) Spirit of jealousy

This spirit has made many people to do what they are not suppose to do, jealousy can make someone turn to a wicked person, and it has gotten rid of their lives like that.

4) Spirit of lie

This ungodly spirit is one of the spirit that is popular among others, it has ruined so many people lives, and it can also be gotten rid of.

5) Spirit of disobedience

This is also one of the spirit that has ruined many of it's victim's life, it also ruined Adam, and Eve in the bible when they disobey God.

6) Spirit of fear

Fear is one of the spirit devil uses to get people, fear has ruin many people lives, it is also devil's greatest weapon.

Here are the ways you can get rid of these ungodly spirits

1, Through regular prayer

You can use regular prayer to get rid of these ungodly spirits, there is nothing prayer cannot solve.

2) Through fasting. Fasting has settled many people from ungodly spirits and it is  used to frustrate the ungodly spirits as well as weaken them so that they will be easy to get rid of.

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