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"Children Don't Come From Heaven" -A Popular Nigerian Pastor Said In A Video

The founder of Abel Damina International Ministry, Pastor Abel who was speaking on the part 1 of the 'Why Things Happen The Way They Happen On Earth' asked his members where babies come from. The pastor used Genesis 1:1-2 to explain where babies come from.

According to the Pastor, if babies come from Heaven, why will they reject Jesus Christ on Earth, and end up going to a burning lake. The pastor believes that those thinking like that are too religious.

Pastor Abel Damina from 48m into the video: "Someone said they came from heaven. Well, keep it that to yourself. We have an idea that God seats in the Heaven, and all babies are already in Heaven scattered around God. Then God takes them one after the other and distributes them across the World. Some babies will even arrive from Heaven blind or one abnormalities.

"If you behave well you will come back to Heaven, but if you don't, you will go the opposite side of Heaven. This idea and thinking has a problem. How can you come from Heaven and you didn't accept Christ you will not go back to that Heaven you came from. This idea sounds so funny to me because that is the way religion makes you to think. Why didn't God just leave you in Heaven instead?".

If babies don't come from Heaven, where do they come from?

Pastor Abel Damina from 57m into the video: "If there was something when God was creating, that would not be creation; that would be redesign or recreation. For it to be creation means there was nothing before that".

In conclusion, we learnt from the video that babies where made out of 'NOTHING'.

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