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How To live A Successful Life

One thing I would like you to know today is that success is a choice, you can choose to be successful or not. God has given everyone power to choose, that is why there are some truth you must live it. We were not given power to choose the family we were born into, God was the one who decided that, you may not come from a wealthy family, but that should not be an excuse to remain a failure, you have come to this earth to fight, conquer whatever might be an obstacle to fulfilling your destiny. I want to share a secret with you, if you take heed you will see a positive change in your life. Firstly, success begins with you, I don't care the state you are right now, even if you cannot feed yourself, I tell you things can change for you.

When God wanted to create the heavens and the earth, the bible says in book of Genesis chapter one, the earth is without form and void and darkness was on the face on the deep. The situation in some peoples lives are like what happened in Genesis chapter one. Your life may not have direction and full of darkness and is like you are feeling depressed and thought of suicide hitting you so hard, hold on, there's still hope for you. The first thing God did was to speak the word, He said let there be light, and immediately darkness disappear, and other things started to line up, what are you confessing with your mouth into your life, when there was darkness and God needed light He called for light and light showed up, darkness disappear, begin to declare what you want to manifest into your life, business and your future, your word is seed that will eventually grow and you will eat the fruit.

Proverb 18:21" Death and life are in the power of the tongue and those who love it shall eat of its fruit."

You will surely reap what you sow into your life with your tongue, if you keep saying negative things about yourself, you will reap it, the journey of success in life begin with what you say about yourself, what people say about you is not as strong as what you say about yourself. If you are not conquered inside, there is no external force that can defeat you, like someone said "You are what you eat."

Dare Abioro

Let me share this short story with you to know how powerful your words are over your life. A man planted two seed beside each other, every morning he would rain curse on one and bless the other, over a period of time, it was observed that the one receiving curses never did well while the other did well. Just like Jesus Christ curses the fig tree and never prosper again. Some people have been programmed wrongly right from their childhood with negative word. I'm not saying there are no powers of darkness that militate against peoples destiny and glory but you must first put your own house in order, witches are not powerful than God. When there is a will, there is a way. Principle is stronger than principalities. Truly, some pray and fast but their attitude, confession and way of life negate their prayers.

Matthew 12:37 " For by your word you shall be justified and by your word you shall be justified".

It's what you say about yourself that brings justification and condemnation into your life, if this world we are now, came to be by the spoken word of God, you too can create your world by what you say about yourself, you don't joke with bad words about yourself, that is why I am very careful about word that fly over my head, if anyone utter negative word concerning me, I reject it immediately because words have spiritual implications, some may manifest immediately and some might be waiting for you in the future.

One thing I notice is that when people are going through challenges in life and to them it seems as if there is no way out, they begin to utter some things into the atmosphere, mostly when it has to do with their health, you hear them saying, I don't think I call survive this sickness, etc I heard a fellow saying if God could give him a self-contain is fine by it, whereas in Gods plan he should have his own duplex and still build for others as a result of Gods blessing over his life, what made him to utter such is as a result of is present situation. If you are going through a negative situation, don't utter negative word, what is limiting you is what you have said about yourself in the past. Some of my confessions goes thus: I'm blessed beyond the curse, protected beyond terror, established beyond oppression. "THE GREATEST DELIVERANCE IS SELF DELIVERANCE". Many have killed themselves with their mouth, they are walking corpse. Don't kill yourself before you die. My own prayer to God is that He should enlarge me to be a blessing to others.

When the Pharisees were accusing the disciples of Jesus Christ for not washing their hands before they eat, because that was their tradition, Jesus Christ reply them and said it is not what goes into a man that defile him but what comes out of him. In essence it is what comes out of you that make or break you. Bible says out of the abundant of the heart mouth speak. The only weapon evil powers can use against you is your own words you speak about yourself. You can never hear an American cursing America, what you will hear is "God bless America". America will continue to be bless, that is why some people want to become a citizen of America, because America is not buildings or structures, but the people themselves. If all you declare over Nigeria is negative words, it will surely manifest, if you keep saying Nigeria cannot be better, so shall it be, you will eat the fruit of your words, remember Nigerians are not trees, buildings, but the people themselves. Becareful of what you say when you are angry, hungry, in pain, in suffering, in sickness.etc

A man who does not stumble in word is a perfect man. Change you word, so that you can live as you should live. Jesus Christ loves you confess Him. YOUR DELIVERANCE IS IN YOUR MOUTH. YOU ARE THE PROPHET OF YOUR LIFE.

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