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How To Experience And Enjoy The Perfect Peace Of God

The only perfect being in the universe is the Supreme Lord. No wonder Jesus Christ called us to be perfect like our Heavenly Father. This is not to say that Jesus Christ himself is not perfect; He is perfect. However, He does not want to draw attention to himself but to glorify the Father who sent him, he directed all toward the purpose of perfection, Almighty God. He is the one who is responsible for giving perfect peace to his children. Furthermore, Jesus Christ is the greatest giver in the universe. Not only did he give himself to the whole world as the sacrificial lamb for sin, but he also gave his peace to the disciples before going to the cross. He made a distinction between the peace he gives and the peace that the world gives. The peace that Jesus Christ gives is spiritual and eternal, whereas the peace of the world is not. His calmness is so powerful that it works from the inside before it appears from the outside. Peace is one of the gifts or blessings of God by which one enjoys inner peace with God, thereby creating an environment for order, friendship, growth and development. It is worth noting that there is great peace available to those who love the Scriptures. First of all, the moment you were born again Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace came to dwell in you, thus giving you peace. This serenity creates a calm atmosphere from inside, shows out, and erupts in praise and thanks to God in every situation. This is in contrast to world peace, which is physical and temporary in nature but takes a lot of money and time. Secondly, for you to enjoy peace, it must begin with your mind; When your mind is calm, your life will be peaceful. The mind can be at peace only when it is fixed or focused on His word. He has given us His Word in the form of the Holy Bible, so meditating on the Holy Scriptures day and night guarantees a healthy mind and complete peace. Go ahead and let meditating on the Word of God be a part of your daily routine, and you will enjoy the perfect peace of mind to fulfill every wish. However, great peace is a unique peace obtained from loving the Lord in His Word. Love the word of God and meditate on it day and night; Be attentive to what he says, and you will find great peace, and nothing will hurt you. Keep living the word, and enjoy great peace in every aspect of your life.

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