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Gift of the holy spirit

Never mind what the world might say.

The spirit of God is more powerful than any other powers under the earth

scripturally the power of God is given to holy son which are baptized with water and of holy spirit

God say "in the last day i will pure out my spirit on all flesh your sons and daughters shall prophesy, thy young men shall see visions, and thy old men shall dream dreams"

Be prepare, fast for holy spirit, for only the righteous shall here the trumpet sound..

the end time is near so, each and everyone of us should get closer to God, has the giver and supplier of every good things, then he will give us vivid reason ro tell him thank you in the last day.

never mine What world will say or do. we are one in christ.

he says cast all your burdens on him for he careth..

As "qouted" when ye are led under the spirit ye are not under the law"

Anyone who is led by the spirit is no more under the law, if the spirit of God is mot i you you are a carnal being..

Go to different part of the world with a Christianic religion you discover that many led by the spirit of the LORD.


Let all the men of the world detach themselves from sin...has recorded "SIN IS DEATH"...

Never allow the devil to overhelm you..cause he is the giver of all bad knowledge..

But God is the giver of all good things, surprise to the world of the baptizism of Christ the messiash....

John the baptist made a statement that.. "Another man is coming whose sandals am not worthy to carry....he will baptism you with the HOLY GHOST..

Without the holy spirit you are not a righteous fellow.....Holy spirit leads you to know the things that you will do, and the things you are not to do..

Then you have to bear it at the back of your mind that without the holy ghost you are not a righteous man..


Holy spirit is the identity of a righteous fellow, which will lead him to the gate of eternity.

We have nine gift of the holy qouted in the book of 2nd Corinthians..

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