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14 Powerful Prayer Points From The Ongoing 'Power Must Change Hands' Program In MFM Prayer City

Prayer is by far the most important thing in the life of any Christian and you can't claim to be a true Christian if you don't have a solid prayer life. 

One special thing about prayer is the fact that they are different kinds of prayers for different situations. There are prayers that you use for sickness, promotion, and for thanksgiving. Some are also very effective when they are used at a certain time of the day. We have prayers you pray when you wake up in the morning, the ones you pray before you sleep and some you pray doing the day. In this article, I will be sharing with you prayer points from the ongoing POWER MUST CHANGE HANDS in MFM prayer city. These prayers are from Pastor Daniel Olukoya.

1. Thank the Lord for opening your eyes to see his power. Because without your knowledge of his power, you won't have faith in him.

2. Also thank the Lord for the blood of Jesus that saved and deliver you from sin. The Blood of Jesus is the only reason you have a chance at making it to heaven.3. Pray that your environment becomes so hot that none of your enemies will be able to survive the heat.

4. Let all the witches and wizards that claim to be your friend be exposed.

5. Anywhere the enemy has gathered against you, they will be scattered in the name of Jesus.

6. Any devilish structure that has been planted to stunt your growth will be destroyed. 

7. May the Lord confuse all of your enemies.

8. May the Lord make all your enemies make mistakes that will expose them for who they truly are.

9. Pray that anything the Lord has not planted in your life is uprooted immediately.

10. Surrender everything you have to God.

11. Pray that the Lord anoint you with the power to scatter any enemy plan against you. 

12. May the blood of Jesus come between you and every demon that tries to destroy you.

13. Any spirit of confusion in your life will be destroyed in the name of Jesus.

14. Disgrace shall follow every evil full trying to cause troubles in your life.

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