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7 Signs God Is With You

God did not make man to be a toy with which he could play. He didn't make man just to fill up space. One of the primary reasons God made man was for him to have a friendship with Him. The bible, for example, describes a time in the Garden of Eden when God walked through the garden in the cool of the evening. There was a dialogue between God and man. This relationship has been disrupted since man's fall as a result of sin.

God, on the other hand, loves people and has given a way for them to be reconciled to him through his son Jesus Christ. We encourage Christ to dwell in us when we embrace Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior in our lives. This means that God's presence is still present with us. As John 14:23 in the Bible states:

Jesus responded, If a person [truly] loves Me, he will keep My word [obey My teaching], and My Father will love him, and We will come to him and make Our home (abode, special dwelling place) with him.

As a result, some of the following symptoms can be used to determine whether or not one is experiencing God's presence:

1. You delight in doing what is good

As simple as this might seem, it is one of the most basic signs that an individual has the presence of God inside them. You despise something bad because God despises it as well. Instead, you take pleasure in doing the right thing because your goal is to please God.

2. Divine favour

Divine favour is favour from God. It's something that can't be attained by human effort alone. When God's favor is upon you, anything that may take years will only take you a few minutes. For example, God's favor might be manifested when you have been searching for a job for a long time but God opens a door and you meet someone who helps you in a matter of minutes without expecting anything in return.

3. God is concerned with your needs.

There is no stable source of income during this period of the pandemic when the majority of people have lost their jobs. If God is with you, however, He will see to it that you have all of your basic needs met. God has the ability to provide according to His glory and riches. If you've been wondering how things have gone for you, now is the time to give thanks to God that He is with you. Elijah, who was fed by ravens, is a prime example of this.

4. You are protected and nothing harms you

God promises immunity to His children in Isaiah 54:17. Anyone who enjoys divine security bears witness to the fact that God is with them. No weapon shaped against thee shall prosper, and thou shalt condemn every tongue that rises against thee in judgment. This is the LORD's servants' inheritance, and their justice is mine, says the LORD.

5. Regardless of the circumstances, you have reason to rejoice because God promises to be with us in the midst of the storm. It doesn't make the storm go anywhere. Nonetheless, joy can be found in any situation because of the assurance of God's presence with them. Philippians 4:4 says, "Rejoice always in the Lord," and I repeat, "Rejoice." Paul describes how he would take pleasure in his misery, knowing full well that a greater reward awaited him. When you rejoice in the midst of your pain, it indicates that God is with you and that nothing will harm you.

6. You are a solution

Anyone who has a relationship with God is always a solution. Not a thorn in my side or a stumbling block. The apostles were filled with the Holy Spirit, and they went about healing the sick and doing great miracles. They were delivering solutions in this manner. Furthermore, a person who is in God's presence is endowed with divine wisdom. This gives them power over the challenges they face, and they become a solution as a result.

7. Others appreciate the work of God in your life

When a person is with God, he or she does amazing things that often amaze others. This is due to the fact that God is working through them. As a result, people are able to see and admire everything they do, as well as offer God glory. You may be gifted or talented in a specific area. God is the giver of all positive things, so this is a message that God is with you. Since God was with David, he killed Goliath. As a result, he was recognized for his excellent work. Finally, it's necessary to remember that God wants to be manifested in people who recognize and glorify Him. Since God is with us, we must not become gods to the point that people worship us instead of God. For us to continue to see God's manifestation in our lives, we must attribute all strength and glory to Him.

What other signs can we look for to see if God is with someone?

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