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Monday Morning Prayers; Begin Your Week With This Prayers

Father, I glorify and worship your mighty name, thank you for all your wonderful works upon me and my family. Thank you for the gift of life and another new day. Receive all the Glory

I pray for your mercy and forgiveness upon me and my family. Lord, let your mercy speak for me this new week

Lead and direct me by your holy spirit

I uproot every evil seeds of sicknesses, misfortunes and accident sown into my life this new week

Lord, divinely protect me and my love ones this new week

Lord, make this new week to be fruitful, peaceful and favourable for me and my family, in the name of Jesus

Guide my going out and coming in all through this week and preserve and sustain me

Thank you Lord, for hearing me, receive all the Glory

Prophetic Released

I pray and declare for you this morning that, your movement today shall be full of gladness. The host of heaven shall fight and defeat every open and secret oppositions to your advancement in life. He will grant unto you supernatural grace to accomplish all your goals, God will lift you above your enemies, everywhere you go, men and women will compete to favour and bless you by the power of most high God, goodness and mercy shall follow you and your family all the days of your life in Jesus name Amen. Good morning, l am wishing U happy and a glorious day. God bless u. Pls stay safe.

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