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61 Years After His Death, See As Christians Worship At The Grave Of Apostle Babalola Joseph Ayodele

61 Years After His Death, See As Christians Worship At The Grave Of Apostle Babalola Joseph Ayodele

Apostle Joseph Ayodele Babalola is the first General Evangelist of the Christ Apostolic Church in Nigeria, popularly known as the CAC. The apostle was immensely credited with healing powers, he was also well known for his miraclous works in his early days.

He barely got to the peak of his ministry when he died in July 1959. Apostle Ayp Babalola was born on the 25th of April 1904 in Kwara state, his parents were late Mr. David Lawani Rotimi and late Mrs. Martha Talabi Rotimi of Kwara state, Nigeria.

He is one of the most celebrated Christians leaders in the history of Nigeria, especially by the western part of Nigeria, the Yorubas.

In his time, it was reported with pictorial evidence that he knelt down and prayed on a mountain until his kneels sank into the rocks, creating a big hole in the mountain.

Historically, he is the only one to have done such a thing as recorded on earth. There's been no man after him to have prayed on a mountain and their knees sank into the rocks.

The Christ Apostolic Church, CAC is majorly known also for her prayer brand, it is referred to as the praying church as many other pentecostal churches also.

Recently, his grave which is well designed and situated in a confined area in one of the churches has become a prayer ground for many Christians. Day and night, people are seen around the grave praying on their knees, some laying on the floor and others bowing their heads to the ground in prayers.

This is one of the greatest historical place in Nigeria at the moment, especially for Christians and Christ Apostolic Church members all over.

Here are more pictures of people who worship at his grave and the holes his knees dug at the mountain while he was there praying for days;

There's is more to this man than Meera the eye, have you noticed that God does not allow some of his generals to live long on earth?

He takes them when he want them, with the kind ofnpowwea and miracles this man commands, no devil would have been able to take his life if not that God allowed him to be at rest.

Just like Bishop Benson Idahosa, he did not live long on earth despite the powers he commanded. God is wonderful and fearful in his ways.

This should also be a strong reminder to Christians, that whenever God says it's your time, no matter who you are, you are going , nothing can stop you from dying or nothing can keep you alive.

Hallelujah, do not be afraid of death, live right and live ready - Apostle Babalola Joseph.

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