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Don't Surround Yourself With Those Who Hate Your Destiny - Matthew Ashimolowo Warns

Did you know that the people you surround yourself with will change your life one way or another? Even if you don't want to be caught up in their influence, sometimes it is inadvertent. That is why you must be intentional about the kind of people you allow to be your friends.

Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo has revealed one criteria you can use to filter the friends that you have, leaving only those who will be of value to you. He said that you should stop surrounding yourself with those who hate your destiny. He said that there are two groups of people who surround you: a Jonathan or a Jonah. It would be best if you qualify the people in your life into these categories, and filter them.

In the Bible, Jonathan was a friend who saw David's future, that he would be the king of Israel, and he dedicated himself to help his destiny come to manifestation. He even risked his life and earned the wrath of his father Saul, because he stood up for David. On the other hand, Jonah was running away from God and entered a ship. Because of him there was a violent storm, and the people in the ship were affected. It was not until they threw Jonah into the sea that the storm ceased.

When you use this system to filter your friend list, you will find fulfillment as you will get rid of the friends that could be the cause of your problems in life.

Have you ever had a friend who tried to stop your progress? How about a friend that boosted your advancement in life? Share your experiences in the comments. Be blessed.

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