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What beautifies a woman according to Scriptures in the Bible.

Being beautiful is not a sin, but something to thank God for, as a woman. However, to clarify something, I will say our God is not a God that sees things in the ways of men. So, the following are two things that beautify a woman according to scriptures, in the Bible.

(1). kind-hearted women. A woman's heart is of the criteria that determine her beauty in the eyes of the Lord. –Proverbs 27:19.

(2). Women that have the fear of God. There are so many examples of them in the Bible. Women that have the fear of God in their lives are precious to the Lord. 1 Peter 3:3-4, Proverbs 31:30. 

Lastly, Holiness. The Bible says the eyes of God are too holy to behold sin. So, women who are pure in heart are precious to God.

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