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I Went For Church Service Before The Usual Time, What I Saw My Pastor Doing Made me Cry(fiction)

I am Benita Joseph and I am married with three children, I am also a member of a prayer group in my locality where I stay. We have by God's grace preached to many people around my environs and impacted many lives too. I and my husband has been very active in all our prayer meetings and gatherings, infact we were one of the key leaders in the church.

It was one faithful day that I decided to go to the church service for our usual prayer gathering, that day I was troubled within my spirit to go to the church and pray. Although the time for our service for that day has not yet reach, but I decided that I should just go and be praying before other members and leaders will arrive. I dressed up and told my husband that I was heading to the church for service, he said that the time has not reach that I should wait a little, I insisted that I should just go and stay there after some arguments he agreed and allowed me.

I entered my car and drove straight to the church where we do have our prayer gathering, I never expected anybody to be there at that time so I just quietly entered into the church and sat down to meditate on the Word of God and also pray some prayers before the time for the meeting begin. As soon as I started reading my Bible, I heard some noise at the back of the church and I was surprised because looking at the environment, it was so quiet and I never expected anybody to be around, so I decided to go and check it out, I kept my Bible and went to the back of the church and when I got there I saw my pastor facing the wall and muttering some words.

I was so shocked to see him at the church premises at that time, I looked at him and tears of joy began to drop from my eyes, I was so surprised that a man could sacrifice for the kingdom of God like that, so I immediately joined him in the prayers before other members could arrive we have already prayed for almost 2 hours.

Finally other members arrived and the prayer meeting was successful to the Glory of God we finished everything, when I went to see the pastor to inquire why he came earlier that day, he told me that God layed a burden in his heart to pray against the spirit of backsliding in the prayer gathering......

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Benita Joseph


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