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Meaning Of John 14:15 That You Need To Know

One of the most important instructions given by Jesus Christ to his disciples is to keep his commandment, and this is because the commandment is a lamp (Proverbs 6:23) and according to Psalm 19:8, it is pure and enlightens the eyes, and since it's also the law of God, those who keep it will be blessed, and they will prosper in whatever they do.

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While the commandment is God's word and Psalm 119:105 reveals that it is a lamp and a light to guide one's feet, and John 6:63 and John 17:17 also tells us that the word of God (God's commandment) is spirit and life and that it is also truth, Christ's disciples can walk through the darkness by the commandment and be set free by it, and John 14:15 says something deep about it which I want to share with you in this article, and so I want you to read carefully as I discuss the meaning of the scripture in details.

Here is the meaning of John 14:15.

" If ye love me, keep my commandments."

According to the first part of the scripture, " If ye love me", this means that if you understand the things Christ has done for you by laying down his life to redeem you. One who demonstrates his love for Christ understands the love of God as clearly revealed in John 3:16, that God so much loves the world and gave his only-begotten Son (Jesus Christ) for it, and that anyone who believes in him would not perish but will have eternal life. So, the word " If you love me" has to do with " if you understand God's love", and his love is that you should not perish but have eternal life.

" Keep my commandments.", this second part of the scripture means that after you have understood the love of God, and his thoughts and plans which are of good and not evil towards you, you should keep his commandment. 1John 2:3 reveals that anyone who keeps God's commandment, the love of God has been perfected in such a person, and it's by God's perfect love made in a person's heart that such a person knows that he or she has known God, and according to John 15:12, Christ's commandment is that his disciples should love one another just the same way he has loved them.

As children of God and disciples of Jesus Christ, we should submit to the Holy Spirit guides so that he can guide our feet by the light of the word, and also gives us life, and us pure in heart through the word of God (God's commandment) that is pure, and enlighten our eyes so that we can know the will of God that is good, acceptable, and perfect, and do it, and become blessed by it.

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