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Check Out The Bible Verse Against Trinity

The Prophets of the Old Testament such as Abraham, Noah and Jonah didn't preach that God is part of a Trinity, and did not believe in Jesus as their saviour. Their message was simple: there is one God and He alone deserves your worship. It is not logical for God to send Prophets for thousands of years with the same essential message, only to suddenly change it, claim that He is now a part of a trinity, and to stipulate the belief in the divinity of Jesus to be saved.

The truth is, Jesus preached the same message as all the Prophets in the Old Testament. There is a passage in the Bible that really emphasises this core message. A man came to Jesus and asked, 'Which is the first of commandment of all? Jesus answered, "The first of all commandments is, 'Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one." (Mark 12:28-29)

So, the greatest commandment according to Jesus is that God is one. If Jesus was God he would have said, 'I am God, worship me.' Instead, he merely repeated a verse from the Old Testament confirming that God is One.

This aligns with the mission of Jesus as taught in Islam, where Jesus was sent to the Children of Israel to confirm the message of the past Prophets (to believe in the One True God).

As an honourable obedient Messenger of God, Jesus submitted willingly to God's commands.

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