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Start Today With Prayers, Before Going Out, Talk To God In Prayers

Prayer points:

Let us all join hands together in one love and spirit and pray for our libration.

So many things are happening around us but at the same time,so many people are no longer praying effectively,there is power in prayers, believe it all not keep praying in one faith and your prayers would be answered.

So today I would be sharing few prayer points with everyone reading this.

As you pray with me,may the Lord change your story.

1: My father my God look unto us with the eyes of mercy,have mercy on us and answers us.

This is a very important key point to start a prayer,rather than starting with what you need.try it ,it works.

2: Oh lord I have come in accordance to your word,you said that woke should ask oh lord,father bless me and my family,bless us so we can bless others.

This is a strategic prayer that shows your compassion for others,when you tell God to bless you so you could help others,it shows that blessing you would also impact lives and believe me this little secret works alot..

3: Oh lord let there be a new turn around my life,do not allow my enemies laugh at me.

4: Oh God my father I come to you because I have nowhere else to go to,bless me with the fruit of the womb oh lord,you said there shall be no barren in the land.

5: Oh Lord change my story, prosper me,so that does who see me would be forced to come and worship you.

If you watch very well,you are attaching a reason telling him that if he blesses you,people around you would be moved to worship him, believe me this little secret works.

6: Oh Lord expose any body behind my failure in this life and deliver me.

7: Oh Lord help my destiny helpers locate me.

Pray these simple 5 prayer points with faith, and your story must change in Jesus name amen 💚🙏

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