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"God Bless You" - Full text of Pastor Adeboye's message during Friday HolyGhost Service

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye was ministering during the Church HolyGhost Service on Friday.

Here is the full text of his sermon.

Theme: God Bless You

Welcome to the new year, 2021 and happy new decade in Jesus name.

My prayer is that this year will be far far better than last year for you and this decade will be a tremendous decade of success and joy to everyone of us in Jesus name. My prayer is that you will love God more, you will know Him better and you will serve Him better than never before.

The February Holy Ghost Service will be virtual and the Theme will be God Bless you part 2.

Topic: God Bless You part 1

Text: Genesis 1:26-28

May I decree to someone straightway that that in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, you will have dominion. Amen

The theme like I told you is God bless you. Luke I said, this has to be from God because if I were to choose a theme along this line I probably may have chosen, the blessings of God or the one who is bless of God or something along that line. Here God said clearly that the theme is God bless you and that tells me straight way that God is about to bless someone.

Definition of the Theme; God Bless You

There are only three words here, God, Bless and You.

We start by defining who is God.

The word bless, what does it mean to be blessed

Who exactly is you that God has in mind

Who is God?

The is something that is called the first mention. You want to know about something or when the person was first mentioned or when was that thing first mentioned. For example the first time Elijah was mentioned is in 1 Kings 17:1. The first time someone or something is mentioned would tell you alot about the person.

Where was God first mentioned?

God was first mentioned in Genesis 1:1. God is the one who was in the beginning.

Ephesians 1:3-4; He has been active before the earth was formed.

Who is God. He is the one who has been before the begining began. The one who has been before the beginning began. The one who choose you before your father and mother met. The one who choose you before your village was established. The one who have been there before your nation was. The one who has been there before the mountain began. Psalm 90:1-2. In other words, It was in His presence that the mountains came, no mountain came before God.

Mark 11:22-24, if you have faith in the one who was before the mountains then you can command the mountains to fall.

- Consider Mountains physical,

Joshua 6:1-20. The day they lay the foundation of wall ofJericho, God was there, so when they want to pull down the wall, He went to the foundation. All that was required to get the obstacle out was to praise God.

Acts 16:25-26, when the prison was been built God was there, He knew the foundation of the prison so when it was time for Him to shake it, it was easy for Him, all He need is for somebody to praise Him.

- Marital Mountains

Genesis 29:30-31, The barrenness of racheal didn't happen behind the back of God.

Genesis 30:22-24, God remembered racheal, He just took the key that was used to lock the womb of racheal and opened it.

- Mountains Spiritual

Joshua 6:26, Joshua pronounced a curse on Jericho and the cause went straight to the source of their river, poisoned their river.

2 Kings 2:19-22. Elisha never knew the source of the curse but there is a God who was there when a cause was pronounced on Jericho and that same God was the one who whispered to Elisha and he went straight to where the trouble was, apply the salt and make a pronouncement.

Today, every cause on your generations shall be destroyed. Amen

Prayer point 1

Father please pour your salt into my source and change every curse in my life to a blessing.

Who is God?

We know now, He is the one who was before the beginning began.

When you want to know about someone, you will also want to know about their achievements and what he has accomplished then you have rough idea of the person you are talking about.

What did God do? Again the issue of first mention, Genesis 1:1, in the beginning is God created.

John 1:1-3. He created everything.

What are the implications of that.

The implication is that because He created everything, then everything must obey Him. He created them all, He owns them and He has rule over them all then everything must obey Him. Mark 4:35-41, everything obeyed Him because He made them all. He said to the storm please be still, the storm went to sleep. Even the storm obeyed Him because He made the storm. God is about to still the storms in the life of people this year, Amen.

Joshua 10:12-14, the sun and the moon obeyed Him, they stood still for almost a day because the one who created them commanded them to stand still.

Before the sun set tomorrow, your miracles will arrive and the sun will not set until your miracle arrive. Amen

Isaiah 38:1-8, the sun shall be pushed back for your sake. Amen

Daniel 3:1-30, even the fire obeyed God because God made the fire.

Daniel 6:1-28, God commanded the lion not to eat Daniel, the lion were not full of food and they were not tamed, but the lion obeyed God. The very lion they are planning to destroy you will swallow your enemies. Amen

Mark 3:1-5, even the withered hand obeyed God. Any good thing in your life that has withered will be restored this year. Amen

John 9:1-7, a man who was born blind and the one who created all things created brown new eyes for Him.

Are you in need of a creative miracle?

Prayer point 2

Father speak to my body and everything that is damaged beyond repair, replace it. Speak to my body Lord.

When you want to know a man, you don't just mention what he did, you look at what he said.

What was it God said the first time He ever spoke. This is important because blessings and curses are usually pronounced.

The first thing He said to man, Genesis 1:28, I bless you.

The first thing He ever said at the beginning, Genesis 1:3, He said let there be light and there was light. He spoke light into existence.

It means when He speaks it is done, Psalm 33:8-9, Isaiah 55:10-11, why He said at the beginning means alot to us. What was it she said, Let there be light.

Physically speaking, Mark 10:46-52, He said receive your sight.

Spiritually when He said let there be light, it means darkness leave this person alone, Mark 5:2-19.

When He said Let there be light means, let sorrow seize, Psalm 30:5. Let there be light means let there be morning. Let cross over from night to morning and let sorrow give way to Joy. Luke 7:11-15.

Prayer point 3

Father please command an end to darkness in my life

Who really has an authority to bless?

It is only God who can bless. Numbers 23:19-20.

The God we have been talking about is the one who has the authority to bless but He delegates His authority to some people because you know to bless is the opposite of to curse. He gave permission to some people to bless or to curse.

- Talking about a woman for instance, your father has so much authority over you. Numbers 30:3-5. Your father has so much power and authority over you not only to the Women alone that he can even cancel your vow to God. He has the delegated power to bless you. Genesis 27:30-33. When your father blesses you, you are blessed. God can delegate the power to bless to your father.

- The Husband of a woman has the delegated authority to bless the wife, Numbers 30:6-8. The husband has the power to bless or curse the wife. Genesis 31:25-35, 35:16-20.

May I encourage every Christian husband, constantly bless your wife because if you do it, she will be blessed.

- God can give the authority to bless to your spiritual father because your spiritual father is a representative of God. 2 Kings 2:9-15. Your spiritual father has tremendous power to bless you and tremendous power to curse you.

Prayer point 4

Father, please bless me through my spiritual father tonight.

The word Bless! What is a blessing? Basically, the true meaning of the word blessing is something good given to you over and above your basic needs. Blessing is something extra, for example, everything that man can ever need was in place before man was created.

Good food, Genesis 2:8-9

Money, Genesis 2:10-12

Good sleep, Psalm 127:2

There certain things God has put in place, basic things;

- When God was talking to Adam and Eve, He did t say be healthy, Genesis 1:28, been healthy is basic.

- He didn't say be rich because abundance is basic, Psalm 23:1-2,

- Psalm 35:27, He is displeased when you don't have abundance, Psalm 34:10,

When we say blessing, what are the details?

- Genesis 27:26-29. God give thee of the dew of heaven meaning God sent help to you from above, let the heavens cooperate with you, let the heavens assist you. Psalm 121:1-2.

- He give you of the fatness of the earth, it means no fruitless effort is allowed because the earth is to yield and give you increase. Psalm 24:1, Ecc 5:9. Everything is from the earth and God is saying the fatness of the earth is yours.

- People serve thee. When you are blessed, suddenly people will begin to serve you. Genesis 26:12-14.

- When you are blessed, Nations will bow to thee. Genesis 26:16.

- When you are blessed , you will be Lord over thy brethren, Genesis 50:15-18.

- If you are blessed, those who oppose you are in trouble. Isaiah 41:10-12.

- Those who blessed you will be blessed, Genesis 12:1-3

Prayer point 5

Father, just reign your blessings upon me.

What does God bless you release to you?

Proverbs 10:22

1. You will be rich spectacularly. God bless you will work something out that it will become clear to everybody that this person is blessed. Genesis 39:1-5, Genesis 24:34-35

2. And He will add no sorrow means;

Our God is a God of Joy, Psalm 16:11, Job 38:1-7. God delight in us making joyful noises. Psalm 47:1, Revelation 7:17. Sorrow will be kept away from you.

Prayer point 6

Father please wipe away tears from my eyes.

Who is you?

The age before the fall of man is called the age of innocence. Genesis 1, it was the age of innocence when God was pronouncing the blessing until Genesis 3, when curse came.

The beauty of this is that salvation returns a man to the age of the innocence. 1 John 1:7, Mathew 1:21, Galatians 3:13-14.

Who is you? The you here is the one whose sins have been washed away by the blood of Jesus. The one who Jesus has redeemed from the cause of the law, the one who has returned to the age of innocence, 2 Corinthians 5:17. Is the one who will obey God now and and serve Him, Job 36:11, 3 John 2. As soon as your soul is in correct alignment with God, obey Him completely, doing His will absolutely, you go right back to Genesis 1:8, then you are the you that God want to bless, outside that, you are not included.

If you want to surrender your life to God and you want to be included in the blessings of the Lord and you want to be the you that God want to bless ask Him for mercy, ask Him to save your soul and accept you as His son.


The Lord said, there is someone in particular who has been part of this service, He said your years of sorrow has already ended.

He ask me to tell someone, He said, I am your shepherd, I will give you rest of mind.

He said there is someone in particular, He said it seems as if gone are the days when you were vigorously healthy, God said inspite of your age, I will give you a taste of vigour.

He said there is someone in particular. He said the curse on you is not just broken but reversed.

He said there is someone in particular, He said it will soon be true of your family that a seed never dries.

He said there is someone in particular, He said before you met the Lord, you have waste alot of time and resources, the Lord ask me to assure you, I will help your redeem lost time.

The Lord says, I will stand by you till the end.

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