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"He Died Few Days After He Allegedly Mocked God"- Meet Tancredo Neves A Late Brazilian President

There have been controversies over the existence of a certain almighty God who rules over the affairs and activities of man. This controversy is mostly found between Christian believers and a group of people called Atheist. Atheist assume that there is no God anywhere and so the multiple talks about his greatness are nothing but lies and fallacies, Christians and Islamic believers on the other side believe God exist and they've always pledged their allegiance to him. Amid all the argument and disbelief, God has always proven himself beyond doubt and he keeps doing even to this day.

The story of Tancredo Neves can be tagged as a coincidental one but to many believers, they feel his blasphemy against God was what made him lose his life unexpectedly. Tancredo Neves was an elected Brazilian President who won Brazil's presidential election in the year 1985. Multiple reports have it that the former prime minister of Brazil and governor of Minas Geras blasphemed against God during his Presidential campaign and a few days later he suffered the consequences of ridiculing God.

Neves became a Senator in the year 1978 and he continued to rule under his political party named Popular Party until the year 1982. In 1983 he was elected as the Governor of Minas Gerais. In 1984 direct election for president was enforced and this gave Neves a chance to contest. As a democratic activity, Neves campaigned like other Politician and it was during his campaign he spoke about God. Neves reportedly declared in his campaign that if he gets the sum of 500 thousand votes from his party in the election, not even God will remove him from presidency.

Neves didn't get his desired numbers of votes but he won the election by 72% of the total votes. Sadly, he wasn't sworn in as Brazil's President because he died a day to his inauguration. Critical research revealed that Neves suffered strong abdominal pain before his death, so that could be the medical reason behind his sudden demise. However, many believers feel his claim about God and the Presidential election was what caused his death.

Neves is regarded as one of the greatest personalities in Brazil because he fought so hard for civilian rule even when he was dying, he considered the democratic system of Government in Brazil as a priority over his own life. He fought so hard but succumbed to death after seven different surgeries.

Source of Info: Wikipedia( Tancredo Neves)

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