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2 Bible Verses To Know The Promises God Made To Barren Women

The Bible is one of the powerful books we have on earth, it contains the word of God which was written by God's servants and prophets. Also, the Bible has helped a lot of people to overcome some spiritual and physical challenges in their lives.

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However, many people have been battling with different problems such as barrenness, financial issues, sickness and other problems. These people have been looking for various ways to get solutions to their problems without knowing that the Bible can help them.

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Nevertheless, in this article, I will reveal two bible verses to know the promises God made to barren women.

God Made A Promise To Barren Women In Psalm 113:9

In this verse of the Bible, God promised to honour women that are barren, God said that he will make them happy by giving them children.

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Therefore, barren women should kindly read this verse of the Bible so that God will help them to conceive.

God Equally Made A Promise To Barren Women In Exodus 23:26

Also, God said that there won't be any barren woman among us in this verse of the Bible. So, barren women should kindly read this verse of the Bible to remind God the promise that He made to them.

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