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See What The Biggest Church Auditorium In The Capital City Of Nigeria Looks Like (Photos)

Nigeria is the most popular country in Africa. And this is not because of the location itself but the people that dwell in it. Nigerians all over the world are very talented in various fields of life, and this has been evident in most of the achievements of the country.

One of the things Nigeria is known for its acceptance and practice of Christianity in the country. This resulting to the establishment of great groups known as churches, where the fellowship activities of the faith ensue daily.

There are many churches in Nigeria, but in as much as this is true, some still stand out because they have something different from the others.

Be it way of practice, doctrines or the kind of buildings the congregation worship in, something always makes a difference.

Church auditorium is where most worshopers go to spend time with their Creator. And making the best of this place of worship for God and his people is something worth applauds.

Now, I we will be taking a look at the biggest church auditorium in Abuja and see what God has done in the area.

Known to belong to the Dunamis International Gospel Center, the Glory Dome is the biggest church auditorium in the capital city of Nigeria.

The structure is capable of housing not less than one hundred thousand people at a time as it sports other sections in the buildings.

See more photos of the Glory Dome:

The congregation is led by Dr. Paul Enenche who is one of Nigeria's most popular pastors.

He is married to a beautiful wife called Mrs. Becky Eneche, who is also a doctor.

What do you think about the Glory Dome?

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