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This is why you should pray less and praise more

So many times we get carried away as believers by our wants and cares, that we forget all that the Lord has done for us in the past. So many Christians are so self-centered on their own problems, that they do not realize that there are many who wish to have be like they are. A man might feel he is unfortunate for being a Keke driver, however another man somewhere else is praying for God to give him a Keke so he can at least dump his old motorcycle.

A married woman may feel God has abandoned her because she has been praying for a child for many years, meanwhile another woman her age is fasting and praying somewhere else for a husband.

Nobody's life is a total bed of roses, and nobody's life is a complete mess. We should learn to appreciate God more. There are things you have, that someone else is only dreaming of. There are certain things that seem useless to you, that someone else is willing to move Heaven and Earth to get.

Take for instance a young boy and a young girl, who engage in premarital affairs, and the girl gets an unwanted pregnancy. The next thing that comes to their mind is abortion, a way to dispose of the baby in the womb. Meanwhile there is a rich couple elsewhere, who have done all sorts of medical checkups, prayers, fasting, and all their money could do, just to get a baby. The very thing those young people want to dispose of, is what the rich couple would kill for. Such is life.

The best way to ask for more is to say thank you. This habit of thanksgiving works not only in one's relationship with God, but even with his fellow man. If there is someone you have sacrificed so much for, and at the end of the day the person acts as if you have done nothing, it would break your heart. That is the same way it is when you ask everytime from God, forgetting all his goodness.

Prayer should not always be our agenda. Sometimes we have to make praise our agenda. Prayer moves mountains but praises move God. Infact if you can give God series of serious praises, he will do for you all those things you would've asked, without you asking.

Learn to pray less and praise more. It is one of the best things you can do to please God. So take some time off your prayers today, praise God, dance, rejoice in his goodness, and he will shower you with many more.

Remain blessed in Jesus name.

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