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Prayer For Deliverance From Bad Habits, Today, (16/07/2020)

Father, in the name of jesus and according to your word, I believe in my heart and stay with my mouth that Jesus is lord of my life. Since all truth is in Jesus, I strip myself of my former

nature and I desire to be free from the habit of stealing, in the name of Jesus. Father, the habit's are not helpful, good for me, expedient, and profitable when considered with other things). I no longer desire to be slave of wrong habits and behaviors or be brought under their power.

Father, these self-destructive habits are symptoms of a flaw in my soul, my character, and I confess them as sin. I don't want to habitually make the same mistake over and over. Father, your word exposes the wrong thought patterns that are driving me to continue acting out in my ways that are contrary to your word. I desire to be continually filled with, and controlled by, the Holy Spirit.

Thank you Lord. I praise you that I am growing spiritually and that your engrafted word is saving my soul. I strip away the old nature with its habits, and I put on the new man created in Christ Jesus. Hallelujah! Amen.

Thanks for reading. However, if you feel there are more prayer we didn’t include, get in touch with us via the comment section below.

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