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Say These Prayers To Avert Evil Arrows Sent At You

Being spiritually strong is beneficial. You wouldn't know when the enemy strike at you or your household. The devil's plans are always of destruction and nothing more than that. You have to keep your guard up, ready to fire back when he strikes and this can only be achieved through prayers. You cannot fight the devil with your hands neither can you fight him with weapons.

You only fight the devil with your mouth and that's through prayers. Prayers are the master key towards breaking limitations, chains, and poverty absent into your life by the devil. You have to be tough and ready to stand on your ground if you want to win over the devil and all his cohorts. Evil arrows are sent daily to attack different areas of one's life.

It could be to attack your business, marriage, family, finances, children, job, and even as a form of accident on the highway. However, before leaving your bed this Wednesday morning pray these prayers to avert evil arrows sent at you:

1. Dear most high God, I can never exist without you, and I would be a nobody without you, thank you for the gift of life and all that you have done for me this day. Continue to be my guide, shield, and fortress.

2. Oh God of heaven, I ask this day morning that, any evil arrows sent on my way be returned to sender right this minute. Any arrows sent to attack my business, my job, family, marriage, loved ones, my going in and coming out be returned to the sender in Jesus name.

3. Any form of spiritual arrows operating in my family as sickness, diseases, rejection, hatred, block and, retrogression, confusion, and disunity, in the name of Jesus Christ, I command you to die off right this minute. My family, my job, business, academics, marriage are all covered with the blood of Jesus. Thank you, God, for prayer answers, be exalted most high King. Amen

If you know you said these prayers, also pray for your loved ones and share with them to do the same as well. Glory be to God.

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